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We are back! The 2nd Irish Film Festival of India launches at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, on April 1st by H. E. Feilim McLaughlin, Ambassador of Ireland to India. If last year’s theme was all about the word this year it’s all about the picture. Irish Animation: Drawing From Our Experience, is a celebration of the art-form, from the earliest stop-frame work produced in the country, to today’s award-winning, cutting-edge 3D CGI. It is also a rare opportunity for our disparate cultures to converse free of the shackles of our respective mother tongues. Animation, like silent film, is a genre that transcends all language barriers and national boundaries. A form of storytelling that privileges the visual; animation speaks a cinematic language that is truly international.

It also turns out the Irish are pretty good at this animating lark. Perhaps, as is explored in our beautiful opening film, the Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells, we’ve inherited the gift for the drawn line from our tradition of monastic scriptoria at the time when Ireland was renowned for producing incomparable illustrated manuscripts. Perhaps it is due to Disney senior animator, Sullivan Bluth, opening studios in Dublin in the late 80s, where he produced The Land Before Time & An American Tail. But whatever the provenance, Irish animation today is considered among the best in the world which multiple Oscar BAFTA and Emmy Awards bear testament.

And of course, there is an Indian connection. Not only have Irish producers looked far beyond their own borders for distribution of their work, with top-rated animated series currently airing on the likes of BBC, Nickelodeon US, and Disney Junior, but to produce these shows, in many cases they have teamed up with Indian partners; companies such as Chennai-based Animantz, DSK Group Pune and Mumbai’s Maya Entertainment Limited. It seems animation is the true marriage between art and commerce and a unique place where Indians and Irish can tell stories together.

We have over 40 feature and short films of contrasting styles and radically diverse themes screening throughout the festival, so there is something to challenge and entertain everyone; a selection of acclaimed animated films, which I hope provokes a positive response to the question often asked in Ireland, “Are you going to the pictures?”

Marc-Ivan O’Gorman

Festival Director


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Hello there,

Welcome to the Irish Film Festival of India. Our inaugural event took place at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi 16-21 and at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, 23-26 February 2012.

We had an amazing response in terms both of audience turn-out and media response. We were made feel most welcome by our Indian hosts. So much so that for 2013 we’re not only screening our films in Delhi and Mumbai as before but we’re going to exhibit in the wonderful city of Bengaluru (or Bangalore for you traditionalists out there) as well!

Also for 2013, we’re going to expose the Indian public to our veritable treasure-trove of award-winning, world-beating animation. Since the mid-90’s Ireland has excelled at creating innovative and entertaining animations, many of which have been produced with the input of highly skilled Indian animators. It’s a remarkable example of the potential for creative and commercial collaboration between our two countries.

We’re currently getting our elegantly drawn ducks in a row but when we have more details about our programme we’ll post them here, however; in the meantime, why not follow us here: @IrishFilmIndia or ‘like’ us here: Irish.Film.Festival.India

Thanks so much

Marc-Ivan O’Gorman

Festival Director


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